State Institute of Physical Education for Women

Courses - Bachelor of Physical Education(B.P.Ed) | Master of Physical Education(M.P.Ed)


The women students did not get much opportunity as compared to male students in Masters course at hence there was acute demand for M.P.ED. course for women. State Institute of Physical Education for women, Hastings House, Alipore felt the need for expansion and the Govt. had been kind enough to grant permission with 15 students for the session 2005-2006 and thereafter seats has been increased to 25. considering the importance and potentiality of physical Education and to keep pace with modern trend in physical Education, Health Science and Sports, M.P.ED, course has been introduced which will lead to Research degree i.e. M. Phil, and Ph.D. in Physical Education. The college is centrally located at kolkata and has the potentiality to expand towards excellency in Teachers Education & Physical Education Programme. Two years M.P.ED. Programme is recongnised by N. C. T. E. with intake capacity of 25 seats.
It’s fully residential course. The college is equipped with good teaching faculty and infrastructural facilities. The Govt. has been kind enough to enrich the department by providing grants each year. U. G. C. has also extended their share for promotion of facilities. We, ensure success in the field of Physical Education.

All the P.G students will be accommodated into hostels as it is a residential course. Hostel superintendents and Matrons will take care of the students. The student’s canteen is run by the students Mess B. P.ED & M.P.ED, with the supervision of Hostel committee. The Mess dues is approximately Rs. 1500/- per month.


  1. Students are to deposit a sum of Rs. 14,650/ - at the time of Admission for M. P. ED. I and 12,200/- at M.P. Ed II as advance to different section of college.
  2. Tuition fee for M.P.ED. @ Rs .125/- p.m. is to be deposited monthly to the college for Ten month on or before 10th of each month.
  3. In addition to their normal expenses, to meet up the additional requirements for Textbook, printed notes, participation in conference, seminar, project Research Report, specialization Book etc. fees are to be collected by head of Dept. in consulting with the students from the concerned sections.
  4. Participation in National conference / state workshop/ science congress will be made compulsory by the college in both the years.

Examination will be held as per direction of the Calcutta University as recommended by P. G Board of studies in physical Education, for M. P. ED I and M.P.ED.II separately. Internal and Test- examination of the college are compulsory for the students.


Admission will be made in order of merit on basis of:-
  • Academic results.
  • Written test.
  • Performance test.
  • Sports achievements.
  • Medical test(Qualifying),
  • Reservation as per Govt. rules.

Participation in outdoor activities:-

  • Participation in Seminar, conferences at least one in each M. P. Ed.- I and M.P.Ed.-II is compulsory.
  • Particitions in Activity and specialized classes are compulsory as time table.
  • Participation in Intramural, Extramural, special camps on Aids, Thalesemia, National Integration, and cultural Activities are part of the curriculum.
  • No Day scholars are allowed. It is purely a residential course.
  • Separate uniforms for M.P.ED students are which are  used for special programmes.
  • Library class and special tutorials are arranged.

Calcutta University
Master of Physical Education



The duration of Master of Physical Education (M. P. ED.) degree course shall be of two academic years.
The above examination shall be held in two part examination will be held at the end of the first year, and part II examination at the end of the second year. The part I examination shall cover four papers (1 to 4) of 100 marks each. The part II examination shall cover four papers (5 to 8) of 100 marks each of which paper 7B is the practical paper


i) The number of seats to be available for admission to a college/Institution offering such course, as affiliated to Calcutta University, and availability of seats for fresher’s, deputed candidates etc. shall be such as may be determined by the University from time to time.
ii) The candidate should not be over thirty-five years age on the date of admission. Relaxation may be made in case of in-service teachers up-to forty years on the date of admission.
iii) Any candidate may be admitted to this course provided he/ she possesses B.P.E (3 YEARS) / Bachelor of Physical Education degree of one year duration/B.Ed.in Physical Education/Post Graduate Diploma in Physical Education of this University or an examination recognized as equivalent to other Universities of the state.
iv) Candidates seeking admission to this course shall have to qualify themselves through an entrance / admission test. In addition his/ her professional qualifications along with educational background will be considered. Admission will be done as per N. C. T. E. and State Govt. rules and norms.
v) The academic session for the Master of Physical Education Degree course shall commence on and from 1st July of each years. Admission must be closed within two weeks from the date of commencement of the session.



Title of the Paper

Max. Marks
Qualifying marks
Paper – 1
Foundation of Physical Education
A) Historical, Philosophical & Biological Foundation 50
B) Psychological and Sociological Foundation 50
Paper –2
Statistical Techniques and Research Methods
A) Statistical Methodology as related to Physical Education 50
B) Research Methods   50
Paper –3
Tools, Techniques, Measurements and Evaluation of Tests
A) Concept of Terms, Physical Fitness, Motor Fitness, Measurements and Evaluation 50
B) Principle of Measurements, Criteria and classification of Tests, Administration and Test Criticism 50
Paper –4
Psychology in Physical Education and Motor Activity
A) Psychology in Physical Education 50
B) Mechanics of Motor Activity 50




Title of the Paper

Max. Marks
Qualifying marks
Paper –5
Physiology of exercise and Management of Athletic Injuries
A) Physiology of  Exercise  80
B) Management of Athletic Injuries 20
Paper –6
Bio-mechanic of sports and Kinanthropometry
A) Bio-mechanic of sport 50
B) Kinanthropometry 50
Paper –7
Science of Sports Training and Sports specialisation
A) Science of Sports Training  50
B) Sports Specialization(practical) 50
Paper –8
Professional preparation and curriculum design
A) Professional Activity 50
B) Curriculum Design 50

Grand Total 800

  1. The candidate offering the subject, specialization in sports and game, shall have to select one sport or game of his/ her choice according to available facilities at the college. A candidate has to attend regular theoretical and practical classes assigned for his/her subject by the college. The candidate shall prepare a sequence of minimum ten lessons on their specialized activities leading to higher specialization programme. The teaching lesson shall be administered on school or special group of boys and girls respectively.
  2. The final Teaching Lesson shall be examined jointly by the External and Internal Examiner as appointed by the University from time to time in the same academic year. Principal/ Head of the Institution shall forward the Final Teaching marks to the University for tabulation.
  3. Every candidate shall be required to pass separately in the theory & practical parts of the examination. In order to pass separately in the theory & practical parts of the examination. In order to pass, a candidate must obtain 30% of marks in each subject and 40% of marks in aggregate. Of the successful candidates those obtaining 60% or above shall be place in first class, those obtaining 40% or above but below 60% shall be placed in second class.
  4. The syllabus shall be prescribed and books recommended from time to time by the P.G Board of studies in Physical Education.
  5. Students are to attend 75% of classes held during an academic year in both M.P.ED. Part I & part II course.
  6. Every candidate for admission to the part I or part II Examination shall send to the controller of Examination, his/ her application with a certificate in the form prescribed by the University together with the requisite fees as fixed by the University.
  7. Any candidate who after completion of the first year course appears at the M.P.ED. part-I examination and obtains an aggregate of at least 35% marks, will be deemed to have secured the minimum qualifying marks in the M. P. ED. Part-I examination.
  8. The second year classes will start immediately after completion of part- I Examination. A student will be permitted to join the second year class only after he / she completes the part –II Examination.
  9. A student who secures qualifying marks in part- I Examination as specified in Regulation 4, and completes the second year course of study may apply for admission to part –II Examination as specified in Regulation 7.
  10. A candidate who fails to secure the qualifying marks in the part-I examination or fails to appear at the part-I examination or dose not register himself /herself as a candidate for the part –I Examination, he /she may re-appear as a regular candidate in the immediately following examination and not at any subsequent examination. Similarly, a candidate who fails to appear at part-II Examination or fails in the M.P.ED Examination or dose not register himself/herself as a candidate for the part II examination, he/she may reappear as a regular candidate in the immediately following part-II Examination and not at any subsequent examination.
  11. Single examination system: 50% internal & 50% external shall be introduced. The candidate may apply to the controller of Examinations for re-examination of his/her answer scripts within 30 days from the date of issuing of mark sheets in the prescribed from with the requisite fees, subject to the following conditions :
    1. Re-examination of any paper shall be guided by the prevailing re-examination rules of the University.
    2. Application for re-examination shall be forwarded by the Head of the Dept./principal of the college.
  12. A candidate to be eligible for the award or ranks in order of merit, medals, prizes shall have to complete his/her examination at the first chance only.